The Cheap Online Hydroponic System Monitor

Connecting the high tech garden isn’t ridiculously expensive anymore. Say hello to the OsmoBot – the online hydroponic system monitor – everything you need to keep an eye on your crop(s) in a single box. It’s also capable of fitting aquaponic system monitor needs with just one add-on. And the price? Retail is set way lower than anything else like it on the market. So much lower, you’re sure to go from curious to excited in a jiffy, just like Kickstarter funders did. Osmobot’s campaign was 142% funded in 7 days flat, and here’s why…

Get rid of all those separate monitors you’ve been using. They require you to be physically present to take readings. And then you have to hand record the data in a journal for future reference of what works and what doesn’t with different crops, and different growth stages. Of course, entering your notes into a spreadsheet makes for easier referencing, but that’s just one more chore for you to do. OsmoBot measures and records all that info into a secure personal database on the cloud. You can monitor as many grow areas as you need, and pull up current and historical data on your phone, tablet, or computer. And if something isn’t the way it should be – it will send you an alert. Messages that you setup for the garden parameters you want to keep tabs on.

Meet the Cheap Online Hydroponic System Monitor - OsmoBot

An affordable online hydroponic system monitor (Osmo Systems)

What does this new affordable, online hydroponic system monitor? Reservoir water level, water temperature, EC/TDS, and the pH. It also monitors your indoor garden air temperature and relative humidity. And it keeps track of grow light performance with PAR and lux monitoring. It even lets you correlate your system inputs with output, giving you greater control over improving your crop yield.

If the online aquaponic system monitor is what you’re looking for OsmoBot Aqua measures two more parameters of huge importance to your fish: dissolved oxygen and ammonia. It measures these two and pH using optical sensor technology better suited to bio-active water than electronic probes. More affordable too.

The OsmoBot connects via both WiFi and ethernet with 150 foot range. The sensor cables are 10 feet long, and most of the sensors were designed by the OsmoBot team, which is part of why it’s so low priced. The system works on both 110 and 240 volt currents. It’s not just a little garden gadget. The system was designed to meet both hobby growers and hydro farmer needs. Just add a new system to each new grow space as you expand.

Wait a minute – where’s the automation? It’s coming soon! The system comes equipped with 2 ports, so upgrading will be a cinch. The control strip will become available in 2017, making the online hydroponic system monitor capable of handling powering on and off of your garden’s lights, humidifier, and pumps. Once the basic monitor system reaches the retail sales point, they’ll be able to focus on finishing up the beta stage for the automation. I didn’t find a price for this improvement, but judging by the cost of the basic system, it will be affordably priced too.

Speaking of beta, early adopters who take advantage of the savings as a campaign funder aren’t beta testers. The OsmoBot is fully past the testing stage, and ready to rock and roll. Development began in 2013, and it’s been heavily tested for 5 months this year by growers from hobby gardener to farm level, and in casual to business and university use. Sounds like it’s ready to meet the demands of every indoor growing situation.

And just how affordable is the cheapest online monitoring system for hydroponic and aquaponic gardens and farms? Three times less expensive than its closest competitor. But if you act fast, you can slash your cost by at least another $460 bucks!

Currently, you can grab one for $500 via Kickstarter ($550 for the OsmoBot Aqua setup). When the campaign ends they’ll retail at $600, so funders get a $100 discount, but then there’s the data reporting. This is available in both a free and premium version, with premium giving you access to all your historical data at the cost of $10 a month. Call it cloud space rent. BUT if you grab your OsmoBot(s) on Kickstarter, you get the free forever premium data package – a further discount of $120 over the next 3 years. At least if you only buy 1 system in the next 2 weeks, should you need multiples, then you’ll save the full $460 per unit.

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