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It isn’t peat moss, or coir, though it might very well have some coconut coir fibers in it judging from the color. BioStrate Felt is an all new sponge type of growth media for hydroponic and aquaponic growing of tender leafy crops.

A small grower might want to reuse their media to save money, but many would rather just start with new materials, instead of spending the time and effort to clean out roots and debris, and restore it. For urban farmers, and other indoor fresh food producers, having all the perks of soilless growing bundled into a medium that doesn’t end up as a mountain of non-compostable waste is just the ticket. Imagine if you will the size of the tossed out growth media at the greenhouse facilities for large producers. It’s just not cost efficient to recycle it for operations this size, just as it wouldn’t be for growers like Farmed Here, or Gotham Greens.

Whether you’re just feeding your family, running an indoor market farm, or a growing urban brand producer, there are reasons to consider the new BioStrate Felt for baby salad greens and microgreens. Created from a biopolymer and natural fibers, it meets commercial composting regulations in the US and Europe. This can’t be recycled at any old composting facility or in your backyard composting pile, but regions with heavily populated areas will no doubt have a commercial composting facility.

It is a biobased fabric made by Grow-Tech that is lightweight, but structurally sound so it won’t break down and cause mechanical problems like clogging of filters. The felt, made with a patented process over 5 years in development, both wicks up water, and provides excellent moisture retention. Unlike rockwool, there’s no need for soaking in preparation for planting, this hydroponic mat media is pH balanced, and ready to for sowing on arrival.

The company also makes a variety of pH balanced growing media like FlexiPlugs, FlexiMat, and FlexiTrays, which are also pH stabilized biopolymer materials, but based on peat moss. A fact that is instantly noticeable by the color of the material.

One news source about this newcomer to the established Grow-Tech lineup mentions that it’s available in 20 pound packages and up. Keep an eye on discerning hydro shop stock, because you might just find BioStrate Felt available soon. But if you really want to get your hands on some fast, you can always contact them and inquire how to buy it.

Learn more from the manufacturer’s website.

Image & News source: Keep Me Current

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