Gardening Tricks To Help Keep Summertime Pests At Bay

Nothing ruins a pleasant evening outdoors like the annoying sound of mosquitoes, buzzing around and thirsty for your blood. There are many ways to repel insects, but most of them contain chemicals that your skin eventually absorbs. Why not try to fight these bothersome pests naturally? Plant your way to an enjoyable time on your deck or patio, free from annoying and stinging creatures. As an added bonus, you’ll get to enjoy the wonderful scent of these flowers and herbs all summer long!


Lavender is not only beautiful-looking but also a true warrior when it comes to keeping bugs away. It has a lovely scent that we enjoy so much, especially in our bedroom and closets. At the same time, it has the ability to repel mosquitoes, flies, and moths. Plant lavender in your garden as well as in pots near the doorway and windows to keep those areas safe from pests. You can also keep a few bouquets around the inside of your house to keep the flies out. Know that lavender likes sun; find the perfect place for it, and enjoy its color and scent.  


Mint leaves are a great addition to tea, lemonade, cocktails and plenty of dishes, but they’re also a great way to repel mosquitoes, ants, and spiders. Although mint grows well in the ground, think about planting it in pots around the patio instead. Mint is actually a type of weed and tends to spread very quickly. Still, it’s great for making a DIY mosquito repellent; just mix aromatic mint oil with apple vinegar and alcohol.


Mosquitos will actually fly away in sheer panic at the mere sight of this delicious herb. The scent of basil is threatening because its oil can kill mosquito eggs. Fairly easy to grow, basil is the perfect plant to have in and around your home, whether for protection from bugs or to add flavoring to your food.


Rosemary is quite effective at repelling mosquitoes and a number of other harmful insects. Plant it in a container or in the garden, keeping in mind that a rosemary bush can grow quite large. This herb is wonderful when used in cooking, but is also a unique ingredient in homemade mosquito repellents. It is an evergreen plant that likes thorough watering, so be sure to equip yourself with some quality water hoses during the summer.

Lemon Thyme

This fabulous survivor of a plant repels mosquitoes, but only if you bruise the leaves. Lemon thyme is a low-maintenance herb that grows well in rocky and shallow soil, but be sure to plant it in full sun. All you have to do after that is rub the juicy leaves on your skin and enjoy your evening in the garden. Be sure to check that you’re not allergic by wiping a crushed leaf over a small area of your skin first.


Rich in citronella oil that naturally repels mosquitoes, lemongrass is a wonderful addition to your garden and your kitchen. It likes sunny locations and well-drained soil and is fairly easy to grow. Extracting and making homemade citronella oil is simple, and you can use it as an insect repellent or as a body lotion as well. Avoid using it if pregnant or if you have sensitive skin.


Marigolds have so many uses; they are great companion plants for roses, and also keep the mosquitoes, nematodes and even rabbits at bay. You might want to think about growing these beauties alongside your fruits and vegetables! Growing marigolds is easy as long as there is enough sunlight, but definitely protect them from aphids and fungal infections.

Who needs chemicals? Enjoy these all-natural ways to control nasty blood-sucking bugs around your home all summer long. Happy planting!

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