Give The Gift Of Plants This Holiday Season

Homemade Seed Packets

This gift takes some planning, but gardeners who think of doing it at the end of the growing season will undoubtedly spread some joy come the holidays. Who wouldn’t love receiving packets of seeds saved from your garden? Select seeds from a variety of plants that attract different pollinators to the yard. Purchase some inexpensive envelopes, decorate them, label them with fun facts and growing instructions, and if you want, bundle them up in a pretty pot or basket! The effort and thought that goes into this budget-friendly and eco-conscious gift will go a long way. 

Indoor Herb Garden

Anyone who enjoys cooking incorporates fresh herbs into their culinary creations. There are many countertop herb garden kits available for purchase, but you can also make one yourself with something as simple as a few mason jars. A quick online search will guide you through the basics of this DIY project; all you’ll need is the jars, some rocks, pebbles, or marbles for drainage, organic potting mix, herb plants, and some labels. Make the garden standout with beautifully-decorated tags or with mason jars in various colors. An indoor herb garden is a gift that is sure to impress chefs of any level of expertise! 

Black Gold 

When thinking of an appropriate gift to give to somebody over the holidays, worm poo isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. But vermicompost is so darn valuable that any gardener in your life will appreciate the opportunity to add it to their houseplants and outdoor beds. A little goes a long way; worm castings contain five times more nitrogen, seven times more phosphorus, and 11 times more potassium than other kinds of compost. If you have a home worm compost bin up and running, collecting batches of castings and sealing them in a paper bag or cute little container with a lid will be budget-friendly and easy to accomplish. Vermicompost is also available for purchase at many greenhouses. You can also buy gift cards at various vermicompost companies that can help the recipient of your gift start up a worm composting center of their own.  


People are spending more time indoors than ever before; help them connect with Mother Nature with the gift of a beautiful houseplant. Houseplants add pops of green and other vibrant colors to spaces of all sizes. Beyond being significant mood boosters, many varieties are also found to purify the air we breathe, such as the Snake Plant, Peace Lily, and Spider Plant. Think past Poinsettias and Christmas Cactus; when it comes to selection, the possibilities are endless. Choose colors, shapes, sizes, and varieties the gift recipient will appreciate and enjoy for a long time to come.      

Good Gardening Reads

The holidays are for taking the time to do things you don’t usually have the time to do, and for many of us, that means curling up with a good book. There are so many well-written and beautifully-photographed gardening books available that are not only educational but look fantastic on a coffee table too! Do you have a friend interested in the world of organic gardening? There’s a book for that. How about growing heirloom flowers, houseplants, herbal medicines, and thriving urban gardens? There are books for that too. The possibilities are endless. And while most of the above information is online, we believe there’s nothing sweeter than flipping the pages of something tangible (like Garden Culture Magazine!).

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