Marissa’s Herb Garden

Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

Never underestimate Mother Nature’s power, especially her ability to heal what ails us. Marissa firmly believes in natural medicine and launched Marissa’s Herb Garden to share her passion and expertise with others. A farmer and community herbalist, Marissa runs a small farm in Cobourg, ON, where she grows high-quality medicinal and culinary herbs. 

Her products are seed-to-skin; Marissa carefully sows her seeds in trays in the nursery every spring, then transplants, tends, harvests, and dries the herbs for various salves, oils, tinctures and more. The plants are grown following organic practices or locally foraged; they are all picked at their peak and carefully dried to preserve their medicinal properties, fragrance, and distinct aromas. Marissa’s attention to detail means her products are top-notch, unique, and downright good for you. 

Customers can order Marissa’s products online for shipping or pick-up directly at the farm. Purchases can also be made at a few local farmers’ markets and select apothecaries and health shops in the region. From immunity-boosting mushroom elixirs, calming herbal tea blends, and nourishing body butter to salves for muscle pain relief and various haircare and skincare products, there is something for everyone at Marissa’s Herb Garden. 

Natures gift

Marissa is also keen to share her skills and knowledge with others through workshops at the farm, building relationships with plants and people. Some events teach how to craft skincare magic and all-natural first aid using herbs like calendula, chamomile, lavender, plantain, and comfrey. Other workshops cover using herbs to build immune systems and making Fire Cider with aromatic herbs, vinegar, and honey to help fight colds. Participants leave the workshops with their own homemade products, but the goal is to help them become more confident in their ability to make all-natural solutions at home.  

Nature offers many gifts, medicine being one of them. Marissa is spreading the good word. 

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