Simply Grow Ltd

Cheltenham, England, United Kingdom

When it comes to saving the planet, it often feels like such a great task should be tackled by influential billionaires rather than ordinary folk. However, Max and Sylwia from Simply Grow Ltd believe quite the opposite – the public perception of food can be shifted through education about production and nutritional value by people like us. A science and tech wizard, Max has built a system that uses 70% less water and energy to grow their crops than traditional methods. They aim to bring healthy, fresh and accessible food into outdoor markets where microgreens might still be a novelty to many passers-by. Sylwia’s background in pharmacology and interest in health led her to embark on a mission of helping other people through food, and she’s happy to preach the benefits of microgreens to the broader public. Helping the planet is at the core of their business, and ‘zero waste’ practice is critical. Any unsold produce goes onto the ‘Too Good to Go’ app, allowing people in the local area to use it instead of being thrown in the bin or composted.

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