The Forest Ridge Project

Calder Valley, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

When a passion for nature, adventure, and spreading kindness is shared, it may result in a conscious business and a love story! Sherel and Dunc have been learning and sharing their foraging knowledge in the Calder Valley for the past several years. Their adventures will soon take them further into the wilderness and north to Scotland’s beautiful Dumfries and Galloway.

Local growers

Their destination is the Forest Ridge Project, an expansive off-grid cooperative community with four years of land preparation. The team behind it planted hundreds of native trees, dug a freshwater borehole, and installed solar panels – all to facilitate a wild glamping site. In 2024, a shared growing space will be available for the residents, featuring some state-of-the-art raised beds made from recycled plastic.

Sherel and Dunc initially met in the picturesque Hebden Bridge on All Hallows’ Eve and felt it was a meeting of magic and infinite possibilities. From that evening forward, their conversations revolved around living in harmony with the natural world, leading to exploring local woodlands and learning about the edibility and medicinal properties of flowers, plants, trees, and mushrooms. Nothing was wasted; all the ingredients were captured in jars, wine bottles, pickled, or placed in pots of dried herbs.


A year later, they hosted their first wine tasting as Moonfull, where they shared the beauty and flavours of nature’s bounty with their friends and family. They now host sessions on bespoke foraging, natural winemaking, and various events and retreats. Their events are unique to the season and the setting, often collaborating with nature reserves and parks to reach a wider network.

They forage and grow their food at the allotment because they value healthy, nutritious, and delicious food, reducing the environmental impact. They also support a local organic veg bag scheme, an idea so successful that they plan to introduce a similar scheme in their new location.

Aside from being phenomenally entrepreneurial and consciously living protagonists, they regularly support local green initiatives. Their fantasy-themed Woodland Masquerade raised a phenomenal £2300 in donations last October.

Welcoming and inspiring experience days ideal for those interested in growing and foraging plants can be found on their website.

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