The Urban Farm

Cotton Tree, Queensland, Australia

This small scale intensive city farm uses permaculture principles, regenerative agriculture, and biodynamics to grow organic produce in raised beds. Simon Rixon, head horticulturist for the project based at the Maroochy Neighbourhood Centre, coordinates the delivery of freshly picked salad ingredients, edible flowers and herbs to local cafes and eateries and collects their food waste for farm composting. Many local customers come from the high-rise buildings to get their nature fix while waiting for their fresh ingredients to be picked.

The Urban Farm builds local food security and educates the community gardeners who rent beds to grow their food on the site. The farm maximises space by turning marginal areas into productive farmland with a Council verge license to grow mulches past the fence line and is classified as a ‘spray-free-zone’. This social enterprise offers a community compost drop-off initiative, converting ‘waste’ into organic soil.

The farm provides habitat for the biodiversity of flora and fauna enabling families, schools and childcare groups to enjoy, discover and learn. 

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Anne Gibson

Speaker, author and urban garden community educator.

Anne Gibson, The Micro Gardener, is a speaker, author and urban garden community educator on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland, Australia. Anne is passionate about inspiring people to improve health and wellbeing, by growing nutrient-dense food gardens in creative containers and small spaces. Anne regularly presents workshops, speaks at sustainable living events, coaches private clients and teaches community education classes about organic gardening and ways to live sustainably. She has authored several eBooks and gardening guides. Anne shares organic gardening tips and tutorials to save time, money and energy on her popular website.