Wildroots Veg

High Weald, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Wildroots Veg is a blast from the past. Ree and Will grow delicious organic vegetables the old fashioned way of using real horsepower! Acknowledging that fossil fuel usage is a massive issue in today’s world, the couple relies on draft horses to help manage their small-scale farm.

A lifelong environmentalist and lover of horses, Ree has been able to combine her two passions at Wildroots Veg. No tractors or machine-powered tillage leads to cleaner air and healthier soil. The non-intensive and eco-friendly farming methods result in better tasting veg! Will is also a lover of nature and cares deeply about environmental and social issues alike.

The crops Ree and Will grow together are distributed through a CSA program that runs May through January, and members get to learn the ins and outs of farming and eating with the seasons.

To further enhance the trip back in time, Wildroots Veg also offers courses on understanding horse body language, harnessing and learning to drive a draft horse, timber extraction with a horse, and axe skills and fire lighting. 

Going back to our roots.

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