Young Roots Farm

Grenville-sur-la Rouge, Quebec, Canada

Sometimes, you stumble upon a growing project that makes your heart sing, and Young Roots Farm is one of them. This small-scale ecological farm is part of Camp Amy Molson, offering marginalized youth (low-income, immigrant, black, indigenous, and Asian youth) the opportunity to connect with our environment, the traditions of the past, and discover the power of healthy, homegrown food. The farm is nestled in the beautiful Laurentian mountains, on unceded Anishinaabe and Kanienke’ha territory, allowing campers to exchange the hustle and bustle of the city for the tranquility Nature has to offer. Hundreds of youth participate every summer, growing 900 kilograms of organic veg from seed to harvest and learning about the many medicinal and environmental benefits plants provide all along the way. Students learn how to garden using methods that build soil and welcome living creatures of all shapes and sizes below and above the ground. The farm encourages the younger generation to look at how our ancestors lived and apply those healthy and simple practices to their own lives. Various workshops cover medicinal plants, using fire to cook, food sovereignty, how to nourish our bodies with traditional dishes, and ecosystem and plant science. The program offers something for everyone between the ages of five and 17. If the future needs to be greener, Young Roots Farm is a fantastic start in the right direction.

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