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Location is everything in the relationship between buyer and seller. It doesn’t matter if you’re marketing laptops or lettuce, ease of acquisition separates winners from losers. So how about all those who would love to grow hydroponic fruits, vegetables or medical marijuana that live far from a major metropolitan area? It might sound good to peddle your organic peppers online, but the fact is that people prefer to purchase food they can see in reality – especially fresh produce. You could harvest and ship long distance with some crops, but not all. No one will let you ship beneficial bud anywhere! There is a dilemma here.

Grow On The Go - Mobile HydroponicsThe mindset that growing hydroponic foods in the inner city making use of empty buildings is excellent, but what if you do not want to live in the city? It is never good to try and be a hydroponic farmer with a long distance commute, either. The miles between you and your indoor garden could mean total crop failure if something goes wrong and you are too far away to correct the issue promptly. The best situation is living right next door or you could face a failure as devastating as a swarm of locusts settling in your farm fields. For high dollar crops, Terra Tech has come out with an ingenious solution… hydroponic systems completely contained in refrigerator or reefer trailers pulled by semi tractors (lorries if you’re in the UK) on the open road.

Terra Tech’s design is geared for the medical marijuana market, and their first mobile hydro crop is headed to Colorado… the latest state to legalize recreational use. The idea is ingenious at present when demand is greater than supply – a fact that won’t stay the same forever as new growers enter the market all over the country. However, there are other crops that could have big demand and high dollar buyers just waiting for you to roll into town. Maybe not quite as lucrative as healing buds, but still an interesting option to consider.

Fresh strawberries delivered straight from the plants to the consumer over winter months could be a winner. Not those plastic tasting things from the supermarket – real strawberries – the ones that pack big flavor and tons of sweet goodness like the fruit only available in June over most of the North America continent. This is a harvest that does not ship well and the very reason why those big, handsome berries at your local grocery store are tasteless – the good stuff was bred out of them for increased ship-ability and longer shelf life. So why not take the strawberry patch to the market?

Total climate control is possible in a reefer trailer. They’re pre-insulated for food preservation, even frozen stuff. Retrofitting one as a green grocer on wheels won’t be any more difficult than a building – in fact, it could be much easier and hassle free as the building code has no jurisdiction over motor vehicles. Check out Terra Tech’s state of the art garden on wheels:

Don’t get the idea that Terra Tech invented this mobile garden idea. Tow And Grow was already marketing their version of the very same concept over 2 years ago.

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