Issue 52: UK & Ireland

New Days For Old Ways

I can’t decide which type of gardening I prefer. My outdoor gardens have always been organic, whereas the indoor grows tend to be predominantly synthetic. But many articles in this edition can easily convince anyone that organic and regenerative growing is the way forward. 

From some practical tips from Joanna Berg in the article Getting In Tune: Keys To Succeed At Integrated Pest Management, to Keeping Chickens – A Circular Economy for Soil Regeneration by a new contributor, Marci Babineau, this edition delves into the many ways one can introduce sustainability into the garden.

We dive into the benefits the sea offers our gardens in Growing With The Deep – Turning Your Thumb from Green to Aquamarine by Xavi Kief. Our friend and writer Av Singh talks about calamari in The Squid Game – How A Waste By-Product Becomes A Regenerative Agricultural Solution.

If you are looking for inspiration, check out the Local Growers features. In each edition, we spotlight the farmers and gardeners who care about their environment, nutritious and ethically produced food, and the people they feed. 

Happy Growing!

In this issue

5 Cool Ways Homemade, Natural Solutions Help The Garden Thrive

How can the organic and regenerative grower tackle problems in the garden? Easily, thanks to these tips for making all-natural solutions to everyday issues.

Rose Bunn

Scartho, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

From sowing a few wildflower seeds into some tubs to creating an urban oasis in her backyard, Rose Bunn has got the gardening bug, and she’s got it bad!

Aaron Greco

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Aaron Greco rediscovered his love for gardening during the global pandemic, building raised beds out of old pallets to grow food for himself and his community.

Getting In Tune: Keys to Succeed at Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management is an incredible way for organic and regenerative gardeners to prevent pests and diseases. Joanna Berg offers her tips and tricks.

Heat Waves Are The New Normal, So How Do We Adapt?

With another growing season underway, I am reflecting on our changing climate. I remember the long and cold spring of …

Confessions of a UK Hydro Store: Plantasia

A behind the scenes look at the grow shops selling your favourite hydroponic products and offering your favourite gardening magazine!