Issue 28: USA & Canada

LED It Bee

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Regenerative is the New Sustainable

It’s time to wake up; living oblivious to the Earth is not an option. While living sustainably is good, adopting a regenerative lifestyle is essential.

Legalization 2.0. Edibles Market Set To Open In Cannabis World

An exciting chapter is set to begin in the cannabis world. The Canadian edibles market opens on October 17th & the future is in fine & healthy dining.

Can Mushrooms Save the Bees?

Mushrooms might be the answer to saving declining bee populations. Experts say they’ve seen a decrease in virus levels in bees that drink a fungi extract.

Dandelions: Medicinal Weeds of Gold

Many property owners despise them, but dandelions serve many purposes. Beyond attracting pollinators to our gardens, they are a wonderful medicinal ally!

Illinois Valley Hemp: Growing Pains

There are always a couple of things one can count on when starting a new project or endeavor.  The first is to expect the unexpected. The other is to realize that what can go wrong, typically will go wrong. There are times when we get lucky, and it’s smooth sailing, but those times are rare.