Issue 33: USA & Canada

Organic Gardening

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Striving For Access to Nutritious, Locally Grown Food For All

Everybody should have a right to nutritious food. Yet in these turbulent times, food justice is emerging as one of the biggest battles many communities face.

Edible Plants That You Can Find On The Beach

Many people pack lunch for the beach, but you might even be able to find some food there! Here’s a rundown of some edible plants that grow along the seashore.

Edible Houseplants: Grow These Tiny Orange Hat Tomatoes

Looking for a houseplant that looks nice and tastes delicious? The Orange Hat Micro Tomato checks all of the boxes and is perfect for indoor or patio growing!

Why Cover Crops Are So Essential To The Organic Garden

Cover crops are essential to growing successful organic gardens. Our guide tells you which crops to look for, how to plant them, and why you need to grow them!

Garden, Time, Observation: Three Keys To Successful Cannabis Breeding

It may seem intimidating, but cannabis breeding is not as challenging as it looks. All you need is a garden, time, some plants, and this easy 101 guide!

Keeping Mothers And Cuttings Uniform Critical In Plant Steering

Kick your grow into maximum production by plant steering! In part two of his series, Doug Jacobs explains how keeping mothers and cuttings uniform is critical.

Whistling Train Farm

Kent, Washington, USA

Farmer Shelley believes that freshness is the secret behind quality food and should never be more than half a day away from its final destination.

Teens Grow Greens

Milwaukee, Michigan, USA

Sometimes you stumble upon an organization that is going above and beyond in its community, and Teens Grow Greens is one of them.

Why Growing With Organics Isn’t Always Best In The Garden

There are many things to grow and so many ways to grow them. Garden Culture’s Everest Fernandez explains why starting with soil and organics isn’t always best.

Guerilla Gardening Brings Greenery To Barren Land

Guerilla gardening helps people connect with nature in places they wouldn’t expect. Wildflowers, food crops, and greenery bring new life to empty spaces.

Bleu Lavende

Stanstead, Quebec, Canada

Tours of the property offer visitors a fragrant, multi-sensory experience, something Bleu Lavende also puts into a bottle for those who want to take it home with them.

Living Earth Farm

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Living Earth Farm is all about sustainability, flavor, and nutrition. In the heart of the city of Toronto, the vertical farm grows premium quality microgreens indoors year-round.

Medicinal Weeds: The Many Benefits Of Wild Violets

Interested in jumping into the world of plant foraging? Wild violets are a great start. These tasty ‘weeds’ are nutritious, delicious, and medicinal to boot!