Bleu Lavende

Stanstead, Quebec, Canada

The benefits associated with the lavender plant are plentiful. In 2004, the team at the Bleu Lavende (french for “Blue Lavender”) farm in Quebec’s Eastern Townships region decided to start growing the beautiful blue flower for all to enjoy.

One of the first lavender farms in Canada, Bleu Lavende takes advantage of the microclimate in Fitch Bay, a spectacular area of the country featuring rolling hills, peace, and quiet. The sights at the farm are spectacular, but the farm is about a lot more than just beauty. Health and wellness are at the heart of the farm’s raison d’etre. Tours of the property offer visitors a fragrant, multi-sensory experience, something Bleu Lavende also puts into a bottle for those who want to take it home with them.

Lavender essential oils help soothe the body, mind, and soul, and the farm sells them and other fine products made with lavender at its boutique, online, and through other retailers. Beyond dedication to the plant, Bleu Lavende is also serious about saving the bees. It doesn’t use pesticides on its fields and has teamed up with Bee City Canada to help educate people on how to protect pollinators. 

We could all use a little R&R these days.

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Catherine Sherriffs

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