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Meet Altifarm Vertical Garden System

Here’s a new compact vertical garden system…

That will work in anyone’s living situation. The Altifarm design is perfect for your busy schedule, and inexpensive to maintain. It will work indoors or outside. And it’s design will look great in any room, or on the patio and balcony.

Even the smallest home will have a space to tuck this modular vertical garden system in. And its so simple to use, even your children will have no problem growing fruits and vegetables. Surprisingly, kids think veggies they have grown are tastier. It’s like magic, suddenly nutritious food is cool.

The Altifarm needs no electricity unless you want to grow indoors. Just add the light package to ensure your crops have enough energy to perform their job of producing food well. They are inexpensive to run, professional-grade LED grow lights with an IP65 rating. And the lights are programmable, so no matter what you’re in the middle of when they will turn on or off schedule. Your herbs, greens, fruits, veggies and even flowers will be so much happier with the same amount of light hours every day.

Unlike a hydroponic vertical garden, the Altifarm has no pumps. It does, however, deliver water to your plants on demand from the reservoir beneath each container. The design uses 80% less water than standard container gardening where the water drains through the growing medium and out the bottom. This also prevents fertilizer run-off, so your gardening activity won’t be adding any pollution to nearby rivers or lakes.

Don’t worry about forgetting to water your veggie garden due to a truly hectic day. The Altifarm features an easy to access refill spout on each tier’s container that has a built in check valve offering reservoir water level status at a glance. So, unless you haven’t checked the level indicator lately, a day or two of crazy busy won’t leave your plants dangerously parched.

4 Great Colors! Altifarm Vertical Garden System

4 Great Colors

One element that’s super important to good gardening results is sufficient oxygen being available to your plants’ roots. This prevents suffocation and inhibits root disease pathogen development. The Altifarm is designed with open air passages into the bottom of the planters for just these reasons. It makes gardening success so much easier!

Not all compact vertical gardens are made to fit tight against a wall, but the Altifarm is. It’s also easily moved around if you add the mobility package to put wheels on the rack. You can even add a greenhouse cover, allowing you to keep your vertical garden outdoors on chilly nights, and extend the growing season.

Altifarm comes in 4 vibrant colors and is super fast and easy to put together. It all snaps together without any tools. Just fill it with a good quality potting mix, sow your seeds, and add water to the reservoir… and your grow is under way. The perfect way to have a garden no matter where you live, thanks to the clever design and development by the team at Enverde in Mumbai. And here’s another nifty thing about this easy to use new urban gardening system – it stows away very nicely for storing when not in use.

Both the grow lights and the container rack levels are height adjustable, allowing your plants space and illumination they need. The unit measures 1620mm H x 790mm W x 615mm D (63.8″ H x 31.1″ W x 24.2″ D). The frame is made of heavy-duty all-weather steel. The growing containers and trays are made from food-grade plastics, and it comes with a 1-year warranty.

Altifarm Vertical Garden System Features

Great vertical garden system features.

Where can you get your very own Altifarm vertical gardening system? They just launched their Indiegogo campaign on Wednesday, February 1st. But it’s more about spreading awareness than raising capital. The goal is getting as many people involved in growing their own fresh food as possible. Enverde wants to fuel a movement. Right now you can reserve a basic unit at the special campaign price of just $199 plus shipping. (The lighting, mobility, and greenhouse add-on packs are extra.)

But don’t delay. Those vertical garden system early bird specials won’t last long. They already were at 18% of their goal on Day 2. Ships to the USA and Canada, the UK and Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and Hong Kong and Japan.

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  • Suhasini Bhatnagar says:

    A very interesting adventure, the idea that I can grow my own food and that too without any hassles is great. Would definitely try growing only the Organic way. The only query is what about the climbers how will they grow,
    Intresting still.Wish to buy one set nd see how it goes.Suggest.

    • Callie says:

      Hi Suhasini,

      Growing your own food is both fun and exciting, not to mention liberating! I love every part of it from sowing the seed to watching the plants grow to eating the harvest. I think you should give it a go. Altifarm looks to be well thought out and will allow you to produce more in little space. Chose a quality potting mix with good drainage and moisture retention, and use a good organic fertilizer. Quality going into your food production gives you better food and more of it! Also, be sure your water reservoir never goes dry. That’s the #1 reason that plants die… lack of water. The second most common problem is too much water due to poor drainage.

      Good luck! May an abundant harvest be yours 🙂


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