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Meet SmartTerra: Smart Terrarium

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This natural ecosystem is not only connected but it has features you can’t find anywhere else. The new smart terrarium is a grow room for indoor plants that you can landscape. You can even add reptiles and amphibians. For some species, you will need to add a UV light, as it doesn’t come equipped with one.

The smart terrarium comes with mood mending sounds from Nature. Transport yourself to the ocean with waves or beach soundtrack. Put the room in a tropical rain forest or absorb some tranquility or connect your own choice of music. While the sound quality of it’s Bluetooth speaker isn’t covered in detail, it’s definitely a unique feature.

Smart Terrarium, Special Effects

smart terrarium

For storm lovers, it’s equipped with thunder, lightning, and even rain. The SmartTerra mimics a true natural ecosystem by allowing your plants the wonders of rainfall and fog! You can make it rain by the push a button. Be forewarned though, too much rain is never a good thing for most plants. Some restraint will definitely be needed. Many plants will stress out in a monsoon situation. But still, how fun is just this part of the total package?

Are you in love yet? Wait, it gets better. The LED lighting has sunrise and sunset effects. It’s also where the visual lightning effects come from. And they’ve engineered air movement and humidity control with a filtered intake and exhaust fan system. I’ve never really found myself overcome with the need for a terrarium before, but this smart terrarium is way cool. It might become a must-have thing after all.

As indoor gardens go, this smart terrarium is very easy to use with little maintenance. Make sure the reservoir in the base never goes dry, and it pretty much takes care of itself. With reminders from the app to refill the reservoir and feed your plants, it’s a no-brainer. Something that is only required about every 3 months with houseplants. You could also grow herbs in a SmartTerra but it might not be a good combo with frogs or chameleons.

Terrarium Specs

Made from acrylic and ABS plastic, the SmartTerra system stands 15.25″ tall. It’s 21″ long and 10″ deep. With a base height of 3″ t, once you add another 3″ of soil the growing space gets shorter. You will find yourself limited to the plant choices this smart terrarium will accommodate. Hopefully, they’ll come out with a bigger one for larger plants in the future. But if you’re growing herbs, the constant snipping will keep them better suited to the available space.

smart terrariumSmartTerra’s sensors measure soil moisture, relative humidity, temperature, and reservoir levels. A Bluetooth connection relays this data to your smartphone app controller. The reservoir holds 1.5 liters and has a water filter. The tank’s volume is 38 liters and the system weighs 15 pounds empty. The lighting system setup has 100 360mW LEDs. The smart terrariums sound plays from two 5-watt speakers, and it uses 70W of power maximum.

As you can see, SmartTerra is state of the art. The smart terrarium will retail for $450, but you can snatch one up at a great low price on Kickstarter right now. The early bird pricing starts at $239. Shipping worldwide from the USA, it’s the brainchild of Chalard, LLC in Barrington, Rhode Island. Learn more about this exciting new product on the campaign page. A promising looking launch that started on February 6 and surpassed 75% funded in just 7 days.

Images courtesy of the Chalard team.

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