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Automation might not be new to hydro farming, but it is super expensive. The smart indoor farm runs on equipment that requires really deep pockets. More people would be involved in growing food if land and equipment were affordable, but it isn’t. This is one of the reasons that the food system has gotten into the condition it has. Only corporations with big revolving lines of credit and a sizable financial cushion can afford to play the game. The average guy simply doesn’t stand much of a chance – but technology and forward thinking are changing that.

A new product that fits both the small farmer and the hobby grower’s needs is entering the picture.

Sustainable MicroFarms may sound like a trend or method to follow. It is actually a brand of hydroponic growing equipment. Smart gardening controlled by a computer that allows anyone to succeed at growing food indoors. At least as far as getting the nutrients and root zone environment right. That’s the biggest challenge and it is complex.

Sustainable MicroFarms bring hydroponic growing that is plug and play to the average person’s price range. It is still in the startup phase, but from the looks of things, the first commercially built models will be in the hands of funders very soon.

Sound a little far fetched? Not really. There are already computer automated watering systems that connect your plants roots via a probe and WiFi to a database online that delivers the right amount of water based on the crop to keep food or ornamental plants thriving. The Genesis Controller takes things further by monitoring pH, EC, nutrient tank temps, and automatically dispenses nutrient concentrates to continually maintain the perfect nutrient solution for the crop. It has pre-programmed crops and nute recipes, or you can customize it and program on your own. Computer control will protect against human errors like under-dosing or overdosing the solution when it is programmed properly, making it a simple thing to get the ultimate harvest.

Yes, people have tried to do this with hydro growing before, and the equipment left much to be desired. This puts them all to shame. There are already grow shop owners who have seen this system working and they can’t wait to get it in stock. Here’s what Pacific Coast Hydro has to say…

“This product is way better than any predecessor before it like the GroBot Evolution or Intellidose, we can’t wait to be selling these, it’s the first to have everything sexy wrapped up in one package.”

The guys behind this exciting new take on hydroponic growing are just about ready to bring The Genesis Controller to life. This is just the first product Sustainable MicroFarms is busy planning and designing. The goal is to produce a full platform of indoor growing equipment that will fully automate aquaponics, hydroponics, and aeroponics in the greenhouse and indoor garden. Their focus has always been to make it easy for anyone, anywhere, to grow fresh food sustainably. They know that hydroponics is the answer and fully believe that with this automated system bringing good food to the table is possible globally.

There are already some people growing with Genesis Controller in the Los Angeles area. Alex at Down Town Hydro have customers just waiting for them to roll off the line. They can’t wait to get their hands on one.

The crowdfunding campaign for the first production run of Genesis Controllers will run on Kickstarter. They have a draft page set up but have not taken it live yet. The reason they set up the draft page was to gather feedback and input before launching the funding period. With a delivery date on the already drafted donation amount rewards set for October 2013, and the team is working on building pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other major social media hubs. So, you know that they will be moving forward soon.

You can gather more details about The Genesis Controller and the team on their Kickstarter page. Their website is at www.smicrofarms.com and pre-orders are being taken.

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  • Rob Bryant says:

    Hi there, great looking product not a new idea but I want to find out more. Re- technical spec & pricing.

    Good Luck

    • Tammy says:

      Hi Rob – All available info is found on their Kickstarter page and website. You can always contact them for answers to your questions. From the looks of it at this point, it’s pretty cool.


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