DryPart Grow and Bloom

Made in France by Terra Aquatica, DryPart Grow and DryPart Bloom are single-component powdered fertilisers. DryPart is the most concentrated in the TA range of fertilisers, providing all the nutrients plants need at all stages of growth. DryPart has two mineral formulas (one for growth and the other for flowering) that can be used for all plants. The formulas suit all substrates and hydroponics and perform well with hard or soft water types.

DryPart Grow and DryPart Bloom are highly water-soluble and designed to use separately depending on the stage of growth. Composed of the highest quality primary, secondary, and micronutrients in the proper concentrations to give maximum aroma and production. Both formulas contain regulators that stabilise the pH of the nutrient solution at the previously adjusted level.

The dry powder format makes DryPart highly portable and easily stored, making it a popular choice for outdoor gardeners. Available in 1 kg bags.

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