Mills Vitalize

A one-of-a-kind water-soluble mono silicic acid, Mills Vitalize is de-chained via a patented process that makes the silica bioavailable to your plants. 100% PGR Free, Vitalize is lean and green, promoting plant vigour throughout the grow cycle, showing results within the first 24-36hrs of application.

Formulated to increase nutrient uptake and produce healthier plants with superior growth and yield, Vitalize also strengthens plant cell structure, improving the ability to maintain water balance and promoting stress resistance to environmental change and pests.

Vitalize can be used with any growing method or media and provides exceptional benefits as a root soak or foliar spray. When used with beneficial microorganisms, Vitalize stimulates their growth in the soil, working in synergy to promote overall plant health.

Pick up a free sample bottle from your local Mills retailer today and discover why Vitalize was UK’s Favourite Supplement and Best-Selling Silica Supplement in “The Great UK Hydro Store Survey 2020”.

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