Rapid Roots

An all-natural, 100% organic rooting gel, Rapid Roots helps to get cuttings and seedlings on the direct route to healthy, structured, swift development. Completely free from potentially harmful synthetics, Rapid Roots draws instead upon extracts of Bladderwrack seaweed, carefully prepared to preserve its rich stock of natural plant hormones, vitamins, trace elements, and other nutrients. Originating in the inhospitable, intertidal zones of the sea, Bladderwrack naturally possesses anti-stress properties that are ideal for cuttings and young plants.

Rapid Roots accelerate the uptake and transportation of nutrients with the added extract of humic-rich Leonardite. By helping your plants feed more quickly and efficiently, this mineraloid substance helps boost cell division and stimulates prolific growth.

Available now in 50ml and 200ml dispensers, Rapid Roots is distributed worldwide by AutoPot Global Ltd.

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