SpotON Quantum PAR Meter

Essential information at your fingertips! The SpotOn Quantum PAR Meter is an affordable meter that provides scientifically accurate Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) readings under any light source, including LED. It can give precise PAR readings from full sun to shade and all artificial light sources (LED, HPS, MH, CFL etc.). The SpotOn has three modes of operation: instant PAR readings,' scan mode' to quickly average PAR over a footprint/area and 'DLI' mode, which can show the Daily Light Integral on the screen (no computer needed). These units are compact, easy to use, water and impact-resistant! It includes a mounting plate, lanyard and hanger, plus magnet mounts.

The SpotOn is affordable, scientific information crucial to getting the best from your grow lights! Perfect to make sure overlap is consistent and you're delivering the right amount of PAR light to your crop.

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