Tapless FlexiTank

Recirculate? Go Tapless with FlexiTank’s new range of collapsible reservoirs for recirculating systems. Growers can now enjoy all the legendary performance and build quality of a FlexiTank, whatever cultivation method they use.

Available in 100, 250, 400, and 750-litre sizes, Tapless FlexiTanks feature no tap (!) and three ports just below the max fill line. These reinforced ports allow you to securely connect your outbound pipe, inbound pipe, and the power supply for your pump.

With the latest recirculating systems in mind, the outlet and inlet ports have been produced to a 25mm diameter for maximum flexibility. Using readily available adapters, these are also compatible with 16mm pipe and fittings. The power port measures 16mm across and accepts a power port grommet (commonly available from system suppliers) for safe, sag-free cable routing.

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