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The Tall Plant Indoor Garden System

Finally, someone realizes that even with little space to spare, there’s a big need for a fully automated indoor garden system that accommodates larger plants. Knowing just how tall a fruiting plant like a tomato or eggplant gets in the outdoor garden, I’m amazed when I see someone trying to grow them in the confines of a counter top hydroponic garden. Even a cherry tomato plant gets 2-3 times taller than the highest light placement allows. You can’t grow much fruit if you’re constantly hacking off it’s head so severely.

Say hello to the Grobo. It will fit in any corner, with it’s 1-foot by 1-foot footprint. And it’s very handsome, so you won’t hesitate at placing this unit in any room. In fact, it’s exudes quite an air of sophistication, but it’s assets are more than skin deep. For starters, it’s designed to remain looking great, and fully functional for a long time. The elements are constructed from fine quality hardwoods, aluminum, and plastic. The unit stands 4-feet tall, providing whatever you’re growing with about 3 feet of head space.

Precision Growing... A fully automated indoor garden system

From bigger tomatoes to dwarf citrus to cannabis – Grobo offers fully automated, precision growing.

Grobo offers you all the latest in indoor garden system technology. It’s a WI-FI enabled hydroponic unit that uses both all natural growing medium, and controlled-release nutrient capsules. Sensors provide both real-time garden info through your smartphone app, and fully automated gardening. So, you can monitor the conditions of your plants and garden, and get alerts if something needs your attention, but the system takes care of nutrient mixing, delivery, and the growing environment. It’s pretty much a plug-and-play setup… though the nutrients allow you to adjust both pH and the level of contaminants in your water.

Don’t get the idea that they designed this indoor garden system just for beginners. Here’s that commonly sought after fully customizable growing solution, even at expert crop control levels.

The system will irrigate the crop up to 8 times a day. You can adjust the temperature, humidity, and light spectrum – allowing you to promote compact and dense plant growth. Exactly what you need to get the best flowering and fruiting production. The photon lighting array holds 63 LEDs in 8 colors that delivers full spectrum wavelengths. This lets you use them to coax the best performance from your plants through all growth stages, precisely tuning the harvest to your ultimate needs. And it’s very resource conscious too. The water reservoir holds 5 liters, which is said to be enough for an entire crop cycle. The whole unit only uses about 100 watts of electricity a day – so it’s no more expensive to run than a ceiling fan. Plus, unlike other types of grow lights, LEDs should last 100,000 hours or more.

No matter how hard you try, pests are a common problem for indoor gardeners. While keeping the garden super clean, and never visiting it wearing clothing that has been outdoors does help you keep your grow space pest-free, some of them just develop in growing media. To avoid this situation, Grobo makes use of a unique coco growth media to do away with the risk of soil-borne pests.

One truly unique feature of the Grobo indoor garden system is it’s versatile door.

Grobo Indoor Garden: Discreet Growing or Blocking Unwanted Light

With the touch of a button, the electrochromic plexiglass panel changes from clear to opaque. An excellent asset, because lighting in your home can mess up a plant’s circadian rhythm. This wasn’t much of an issue with incandescent illumination, but today more people use compact fluorescent and LED bulbs. Plants are easily influenced by both of these light sources, so much so, that urban lighting from streets and parking lots can ruin greenhouse crops. Being able to block out all lighting after sundown in your indoor garden is a huge plus, but it also serves a totally different purpose very well…

The original Grobo was a counter top garden for growing small plants like herbs year around. But in the discovery and early user phase, there were many inquiries about using it to grow medical marijuana. The frequency of these questions sent them back to the drawing board with the intent of creating an indoor growing system that would easily provide what both the medicine and food growing control an indoor gardener needs to get the best quality production from any crop. The fluid glass gives the cannabis grower total discretion. But it also gives the indoor food grower total control over home lighting’s undesirable influence on crop performance. And since the amount of light needed for a successful grow is available inside the indoor garden system, instead of relying on external sunlight, the glass can remain opaque around the clock. Another feature included for this purpose, an activated charcoal filter, offers maximum odor control. But realizing that interest in growing larger food-bearing plants indoors is great, they programmed the garden automation controls for easy growing of a wide variety of crops.

Check out how easy it is to adjust the wavelength/spectrum this indoor garden system delivers to your plants:



Years in development, this new automated indoor garden system from a Canadian company arrives on the market in the pre-order stage. The product launch took place in August, and is not the result of a crowdfunding campaign. To learn more about the Grobo, visit: www.growbo.io. It isn’t cheap, but no precision growing system ever is, which is what you need to get the best quality harvest from anything grown in the indoor garden. Flavor, fragrance, and beneficials at your fingertips.

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