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Rather than buying fresh organic greens and produce that has been separated from the plant for hours already, perhaps even days, people will be in love with picking it themselves or watching you harvest it for them. A new urban farm concept could be coming to a neighborhood near you. ¬†Its the brainchild of the guys at The Farmery, and certainly should give anyone in a city setting a lot of food for thought if they’re interested in setting up a live grocer operation that can produce fresh, nutritious fruits, veggies and herbs year-around.

Mini Farmery: Small Scale Urban Farm GrocerBen Greene, and his partner, Tyler Nethers, have been industriously creating a unique prototype for a totally cool urban farm in the Raliegh, North Carolina area. Having raised all the funds needed on Kickstarter to finish up the design process and get The Farmery created as a product, their dream is about to become a reality. The full scale urban farm plans go beyond growing greens. They have incorporated mushroom growing too – three different kinds!

The image above is the design for a Mini Farmery that is just about ready to go into action in downtown Durham, NC.  Custom designed and built vertical gardens allow for a great harvest in very little floor space. Working out the system and perfecting the building and system design started with a retired transportation trailer outfitted to suit their needs. Testing their market and crop quality with local people was easily accomplished by establishing a presence with fresh picked deliciousness at area farm markets and getting to know some chefs.

A couple years in the creation, a lot of time and effort will no doubt pay off well for Ben and Tyler. Last time I talked to Ben he said it looked like they were going to build one of their exciting new The Farmery set ups somewhere in Colorado. Upbeat, upscale and fascinating, passers by could never pass up something as enticing as this gorgeous green grocers design below.

The Farmery: Urban Farm & Store

Learn more by visiting www.thefarmery.com.

Image courtesy of The Farmery.

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