Why Everyone Should Celebrate Plant A Vegetable Garden Day

Just to let you know: May 18th was “no dirty dishes day,” and May 27th is “sunscreen day.” While I greatly appreciate clean dishes and everyone should indeed wear sunscreen, I’m going to say that the more important day of this month is “plant a vegetable garden” day which happens every year on May 19th. Thinking of taking the plunge? Here are five reasons why you should plant a vegetable garden this year.

Your Health

Plant a garden day

Eating fresh, organic fruits and vegetables is good for you. And there’s nothing fresher than the fruits and veggies you grow yourself. Also, you can be sure they are entirely free of any chemicals because you are the one growing them. This is the purest form of farm-to-table eating. And if you have kids, getting them in the garden early and giving them a taste of good foods will go a long way in creating healthy and lasting eating habits.

Your Wallet

While it’s possible to buy organic at the grocery store, it does cost more. But with your garden, you can grow organic produce at a fraction of the price. Sure, there are some setup costs, but the return on your investment for this year and years to come makes it more than worth it.

Your Body

Plant a garden day

We’re all trying to exercise more but finding the time to do so isn’t always easy. So, being able to get our exercise while also doing something else is a win-win. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, gardening is exercise, and 30-45 minutes in the yard can burn up to 300 calories.

Your Stress

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over this last year, our mental health is just as important as our physical health. And finding ways to reduce stress and anxiety can have a positive impact on our lives. Well, guess what? Gardening lowers cortisol levels, which is a chemical produced by the body in response to stress. And if you don’t want to work, just walking or sitting in the garden has positive benefits too. So much so that more and more hospitals are providing garden areas for patients and their staff.

Your Planet

Plant a garden day

Gardening is an excellent thing to do on an individual, micro-level. But it can have a positive impact on a grander, macro-level as well. Think about all of the fossil fuels burned transporting the food you eat from where it’s grown to the grocery store near you. And what about the packaging it comes in? By growing your fruits and veggies and relying less on grocery stores, you are helping reduce the strain it puts on the environment. By growing your food organically, you are doing your part in reducing the number of chemicals and pollutants in our soil and water.

So, do your dishes, put on some sunscreen and get out there and plant a vegetable garden. Do it for you and your planet.

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