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You’re Too Stupid for GMO Labeling

And if you are part of the movement demanding to know exactly what is in your food, you are a fear monger hell bent on scaring people away from GM foods. That’s exactly what the experts who want GMO labeling banned in the US told the congressional panel last week. They labeled you as an alarmist who just wants to spread fear.

GMO Labeling? You're Too Stupid To KnowYou could be a bag boy, a block layer, a chiropractor, or a rocket scientist… your education level is immaterial. As is your right to know what you are eating, because unless you are pro-GMO, you are ignorant about the science involved in genetically modified crops. That’s what the US Congress has decided, based on the guidance from their ‘experts’ in horticulture and agriculture. Since they really know nothing about GMOs, how can they question testimony from people like Professor David Just of Cornell University when he tells them that this labeling thing will ruin the market for GMOs which are providing the solution to the huge food supply problem we face?

So it’s really not about feeding you and the millions of people on Earth. It’s about maintaining market share… which funnels down to the profit margin on their balance sheets… which gets turned into funding for lab research, scientist payrolls, department funding at universities, and a host of other biotech interests, like lobbying and campaign support.

It’s okay to list every gram of fat, sugar, carbohydrates, and the acceptable itemized ingredients. You’re smart enough to handle that info, but too dam stupid to know if the stuff inside the package or piled on produce isle displays is genetically modified. They are feeding the world. You have no business questioning how they will do this. Only the misinformed would do such a thing, according to a representative of Harvard Kennedy School.

Check out the video of questions and testimony from a US Congressional session held last week at the bottom of this post. You’ll be aghast. You should be too. Naturally, there’s more to the story here.

There is no scientific concensus on the safety of GM crops or GMO foods – that exists only here in the fairytales spun by US biotech firms. Check out the concerned scientists’ report on the realities here: ENSSR Report

Pop over to gain a better understanding of the scenario, pop over to Americans Are Too Stupid For GMO Labeling, Congressional Panel Says. Don’t miss the linked references, and you’ll find the thousands of comments of interest too.

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