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10 Tips for Better Indoor Garden Control

The best way to get a bumper crop harvest is having a firm grip on their environment. A closed system is definitely what you want, and here are 10 simple things you can do to help your plants make your grow room garden more efficient. In other words, these are steps you can take to improve your harvest.


1.  For plants in the vegetative, flowering, and fruit stages keep the temperature 10-15 degrees lower during the dark cycle.

2.  Remember that a breeze always makes the summer environment better, even for plants. Moving air in the indoor garden with a fan allows available CO2 to reach all your plants’ leaves.

3.  When you’re running CO2 into the grow room you want the temperature between 75-80 degrees. Also you shouldn’t be running CO2 during the dark cycle.

4.  The amount of CO2 in the garden varies by the growing stage.

  • During cloning cycles you only need 300-500 ppm.
  • During vegetative growth CO2 needs increase, and you want 600-900 ppm.
  • For the flowering stage keep CO2 at 1000-1500 ppm.


5.  The growth media you chose may call for special moisture requirements. With an absorbent media (like some rock wools,  all soilless potting mixes, peat moss and coir) your first watering of the daytime cycle to run at the same time that the lights come on.

6.  Just as in the outdoor garden, you don’t want to water just before dark in the grow room. Time that last irrigation of the day to take place 1.5 hours before your lights out.


7.  The rule of thumb for changing out your nutrient solution in the reservoir is every 7-10 days to prevent imbalances. Tank size should be taken into consideration, because large reservoirs need nute changes less frequently.

8.  Mixing a fresh batch? Pour the nutrients into your reservoir one at a time so they mix slowly.

9.  The order you add nutes to the reservoir tank is important too. Start with silicate, followed by Cal-Mag if you are using them. Next comes your nutrient and additives should be added last.


10.  Flush every three weeks is best. You can use a flush product, such as Clearex, or plain water. Add quarter-strength nutrient solution and a beneficial enzyme product like Senizym, Cannazym or Hygrozyme.

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