Everest Fernandez, Author at Garden Culture Magazine

Life—All Inclusive

The Looming Specter of 21st Century Fascism “What’s with the sign?” I asked. The old guy sighed without looking up. I waited for a few seconds but he appeared to be totally absorbed in the perusal of a thick product catalog. “Which part of it don’t you understand, kid?” he grunted with a well-practiced, jaded sarcasm, still refusing to even look at me, his stubby fingers pinning down a pair of the directory’s biblically thin pages with an unkind precision. I glanced about the store. There was nobody else around. “All of it.” The old guy finally looked up at me bringing his white, wiser-than-thou...

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Magnetic Ballasts: Watts In The Box?

Growers! Sit down—especially if you’re prone to getting angry easily. I’m afraid that I have some frustrating news—for some of you at least. You might want to take the weight off your feet before reading on. There’s no easy way to break this, so let me just wade straight in… This news concerns ballasts—magnetic ballasts, to be precise. We have some very serious quality issues to explore—and no, before you ask, this isn’t some thinly veiled attempt to up-sell you to the new electronic / digital variety. (They can have their own problems too, but that’s for another time.) For now, let’s...

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Modern Slavery & The Illusion of Consent

THAT’S NOT FAIR! If you’ve got kids, you’ll probably hear these words on a daily basis. It’s not that “fairness” is a childish concept; it’s more that the idea establishes itself so early that it runs to the very foundations of our collective consciousness and remains there for the rest of our lives. Indeed, as we grow older many of us hold on to the belief that we possess an intrinsic ability to recognize when a situation is equitable. In reality though, this world of fairness and equity is dependent on one thing; our brains and our willingness to exercise them. For instance, if I declare...

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