Everest Fernandez

Everest Fernandez is a well-respected industry educator, veteran hydroponic grower, and grow light enthusiast based in France. He works primarily as a marketing and cultivation consultant and was the founding editor of Urban Garden Magazine in the UK, US, and Canada. He also writes and researches for the popular hobby horticulturist YouTube channel, Just4Growers.

13 Articles

Common Mistakes When Starting Seeds

Seed starting is the most wonderful time of the year for gardeners. Everest Fernandez offers tips on avoiding common mistakes to enjoy our seeds to the fullest.

Gardening Mistakes Are a Gift to Your Future

Garden mistakes are frustrating, but it’s not all bad. Everest Fernandez writes about his biggest garden gaffes and how they made him a better grower.

Rockwool And The Hydroponic Garden: The King Of All Substrates?

Everest Fernandez thinks Rockwool is special and wants you to love it, too. Here, he explores how this substrate rises above other soilless growing media.

The Geography Of Indoor Growing

You might be playing the role of Mother Nature in your indoor grow room, but Everest Fernandez warns your geographical location will affect what happens inside!

Nutrient Lockout in Hydroponics – Less Mulder, More Scully

There’s no doubt about it; nutrient lockout sucks. In this article, Everest Fernandez helps us tackle the problem in recirculating hydroponics systems.

Taking Liberties: How To Survive Hyperinflation

What does the future hold for the world’s financial system? If you ask Everest Fernandez, hyperinflation is coming. Here’s his guide to surviving it.

What The Future Has In Store If We Let “Science” Win

Everest Fernandez climbs out of his cave to share his nightmarish vision of the near future. You have been warned; it’s not pretty!

What Indoor Growers Need To Know About Radiant Intensity

Light quality is essential to indoor growers! Everest Fernandez introduces us to radiant intensity; something PAR meters and PPFD charts don’t see.

A Guide To Nutrient Dosing Machines

Are you considering automating your grow room? Everest Fernandez shares his experience making the switch from manual mixing to nutrient dosing machines.

Why Growing With Organics Isn’t Always Best In The Garden

There are many things to grow and so many ways to grow them. Garden Culture’s Everest Fernandez explains why starting with soil and organics isn’t always best.