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Living Organic Soil: Digging Deeper Into Not Digging At All

You’ve finally built a living organic soil. Now what? The final part of this series offers no-dig tips for caring for your dirt!

An Easy Recipe To Building Living Organic Soil

What’s in a good living soil mix, and how does it work? In the second part of this series, we’ll help you build the ultimate growing mix.

Grow Your Best Crops With Nature’s Helping Hand And Living Organic Soil

Building living organic soil with nature’s helping hand can ensure quality and quantity. Forests grow without much help; our gardens can too!

How New Technology is Being Driven by Legal Compliance

Medicinal and recreational cannabis use is becoming more accepted. In this article, Michael Parisi talks about a new and vital industry that is emerging.

Chlorine and Plants

It’s a common disinfectant in drinking water, but chlorine can be detrimental to a plant’s root health, especially for those growing hydroponically.

Cannabis and Chronic Pain: The Endorphin Connection

Many people with chronic pain find relief with cannabis. Studies show the plant’s pain relieving properties are linked to its interaction with endorphins.

Fungi – The Key To A Successful Food Forest

A food forest is a permanent agricultural system that layers edible plants together. The secret to success is making sure fungal populations are thriving!

Attracting The Honeybee To Your Garden; Why We All Need To Help

Honeybees are essential to our gardens as well as the entire ecosystem. With millions of hives disappearing into thin air, we all need to do our part to make sure bees feel welcome, and to keep them from disappearing altogether.