Four Amazing Herbs That Can Keep You Healthy This Flu Season

Every year, flu season hits hard, and unfortunately, washing your hands only does so much. That’s why it’s important to do everything you possibly can to keep your immune system strong and healthy. And when it comes to finding that extra boost, eating the right foods can be extremely beneficial, especially when it comes to certain herbs. Let’s explore a few common herbs from the garden that can help you survive this flu season.


One of the most popular herbs to help keep immune systems strong and healthy is echinacea. This herb can easily be taken in pill or tablet form, but it’s most commonly used to make tea. Echinacea can prevent you from getting sick, but it can also help you recover quicker if you do fall ill. So, throughout cold and flu season, or at the first sign of illness, start drinking echinacea tea. This herb is a must-have for flu season.


If you have a sore throat, a horrible cough, and plenty of mucus in your lungs, then you need a good amount of thyme in your body. Thyme is an herb that has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it the perfect herb to have on hand during flu season. It’s especially beneficial for respiratory ailments that may accompany the flu. If you’re looking for a quick way to alleviate body aches, coughing, and overall flu-relief, thyme is an herb to keep in mind.


Ginger is used in plenty of teas and meals for added flavor, but during flu season, ginger does more than making food taste good. It has been used for centuries to help relieve a variety of ailments. Ginger is known to contain antiviral properties and for its ability to ease upset stomachs. It can also help with other flu-like symptoms, like respiratory issues. It’s an easy fix too; simmering ginger in water makes a tasty, soothing, and immune-boosting tea.


As one of the most popular herbal teas, peppermint is commonly used to alleviate flu symptoms. Not only is peppermint tasty, but it can help soothe headaches, fever, and congestion. And if the flu is accompanied by an upset stomach, peppermint can help with that too. While peppermint tea is the common method of consumption, you can also pour boiling water over peppermint leaves and breathe in the steam to quickly alleviate congestion.

There are so many different medicines that can help alleviate your flu symptoms, but herbs are the best way to prevent you from getting sick in the first place. So, as you’re getting your flu shot and stocking up on cough drops and tissues, don’t forget about these herbs. Even having a few packs of herbal tea on hand can help keep you healthy and alleviate your illness quicker if you do get sick. Using what Mother Nature gave us just might be the difference between staying healthy and ending up miserable on the couch this flu season.

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