Rich Hamilton

An industry veteran with over 20 years experience in a variety of roles, Rich is currently a business development manager for a large UK hydroponics distributor. The author of The Growers Guide series, Rich also writes on all aspects of indoor gardening, as well as being an independent industry consultant working closely with hydroponic businesses worldwide.

28 Articles

Save Some Green, Go Green By Reusing Growing Media

Gardening on a budget? Trying to be more eco-friendly? Rich Hamilton guides us through how to safely reuse growing media. Two birds, one stone!

Top 5 Growing Tips To Boost Your Indoor Garden Game

Boost Your Indoor Growing Game With These Tips And Tricks

Bat Guano: The Plant Superfood With A Bad Rap

Bat guano is an organic superfood that helps gardens grow. But why does it have such a bad rap? Rich Hamilton takes a closer look at this incredible fertilizer.

H20 And Your Indoor Grow: The Differences Between Hard And Soft Water

What kind of water do you have? Rich Hamilton explains the differences between hard and soft water and how it can impact an indoor grow.

Hug Some Trees Before They Disappear

Calling all tree huggers! Rich Hamilton writes about urgent calls for protection measures as many of the world’s tree species face extinction.

The Way Of The Future? Project Mineral, Robot Farming And Growing Food

Could robot farming be the way of the future? In this article, Rich Hamilton tells us about Project Mineral and how technology fits into growing food.

How To Build A Mini, Low-Maintenance Terrarium Garden

Are you looking for a neat houseplant project? Rich Hamilton offers this how-to guide on creating a mini, low-maintenance terrarium for your home!

Satisfy Your Plants And Rebellious Side With Super Cropping

Super cropping is an advanced gardening technique that could be disastrous if not done correctly. Up your growing game with Rich Hamilton’s how-to guide!

Coco Coir A Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Choice For Growers

More and more growers are making coco their substrate of choice these days. Rich Hamilton takes a look at why it’s so popular.

Could Regenerative Agriculture Be the Answer to Climate Change?

We can’t continue farming following conventional practices. Rich Hamilton looks at regenerative agriculture and how it might help mitigate climate change.

SOS! Preventing and Controlling Whitefly Infestations

Whitefly infestations are brutal! This garden pest reproduces rapidly and is very destructive. Rich Hamilton shares tips on preventing and controlling them.

Reservoir Tank Troubles – Understanding Reservoir Fluctuations

Growing indoors is fun, but there’s a lot of chemistry behind it! Rich Hamilton takes a look at common reservoir tank troubles and how to fix them.

Get Better Fruits By Understanding Roots

Do you understand your plant’s roots? Rich Hamilton tells us how getting to know roots and keeping them healthy will lead to better fruits and yields!

Pest Prevention: The Itsy Bitsy Spider Mite

Pests are a fact of life in the garden, but there are ways to keep them out! Rich Hamilton guides us on how to prevent and treat a spider mite infestation.

Is The Forest City The Way Of The Future?

How can we live more sustainably, help curb climate change, and add more greenery to our lives? Enter the prototype for the world’s first forest city.

How Mushrooms And The Mycelium Network Are Healing The World

Under our feet lies an extraordinary system that helps the world in too many ways to count. Mushrooms and the mycelium network are nothing short of magical!