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Oaksterdam University¹ is a cannabis cultivation and industry educational institution located in the “Oaksterdam” section of Oakland, California. Inspired by the Cannabis College of Amsterdam; Oaksterdam University was founded in 2007 by Richard Lee, and the current Executive Chancellor is Dale Sky Jones. Despite being targeted by the government, and weathering a raid in 2012; it remains one of the best-known cannabis “colleges” in the United States.

Oaksterdam University is a trade school for the cannabis industry.

To be fair, despite the way terms “university” and “college” are used in relation Oaksterdam University; it is a trade school and not a regionally accredited college. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing.

For a traditional college experience, one might get a 4-year degree in horticulture, agriculture, business, or related field, and supplement that background with additional education specific to cannabis.

As a trade school, Oaksterdam University not only offers this additional cannabis specific education, but it also offers a shortened path to it. It offers a specialized education targeted to a specific industry.

Classes at Oaksterdam University span the length and breadth of commercial cannabis issues.

Oaksterdam University

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The classes offered include horticultural programs for the green thumbed, and business classes for the green motivated. Students can sign up for classes in the cannabis infused culinary arts or attend lectures decoding cannabis legislation. Among the offerings are science classes for the curious, and even a few history courses to help keep things in perspective. There are a variety of programs available to fit a variety of needs.

Faculty includes such stars of the industry as Deidra “Miss Bliss” Bagdasarian², Kyle Kushman, Mel Frank, and Ed Rosenthal³. There are benefits from taking advice from individuals that have had success in the industry and Oaksterdam University has a history of being associated with not only successful cannabis business people but influential cannabis activists.

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  1. “Oaksterdam” is a portmanteau of “Oakland” and “Amsterdam”.
  2. Miss Bliss makes some of the tastiest edibles I’ve tried, and her advice has improved my own edible concoctions.
  3. While I’ve never taken a class at Oaksterdam University; a few years ago I was in Oakland meeting with Ed Rosenthal about some writing I was doing for one of his books and I had the opportunity to sit in on one of his classes at Oaksterdam University. The students were both serious and attentive, and if it wasn’t for the obvious signs of cannabis it could have been a class on any other subject. It was an introductory class and I thought he covered a fair amount of material well for the length of the class.

Featured image credit: SF Gate

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