DIY Pretty Hydroponics Containers

There aren’t many people who would want the standard hydroponic garden in the living area of their house. It doesn’t matter if you spent a lot of money on a pre-built system or built it yourself. Rain gutters do nothing for home decor, and no one wants a bright green or orange bucket with a bunch of pipes, tubes and cords hanging out of it in the kitchen, living room, or any other room they use everyday. Which a lot of people who don’t have a basement, insulated garage or empty closet they can hide their indoor garden in avoiding them all together.

A Decorative Hydroponics Container?You can have a hydroponic garden that won’t make the decorator in you shudder with horror, and put it all together yourself. None of this having two or three colors to choose from. Forget about it being too modern or too rustic for your taste. Now you can have a great looking hydroponic garden in any room in your home. It could look as lovely as this patio tomato container in the image.

There are two hydroponic systems you can pick from too. One does use a small pump and some electricity to operate. The other is non-circulating, which means no pump, no tubes, and no cords at all. Whichever system you decide to create, be advised that you will still need a grow light for each pot. Compact CFL lamps will be fine for most plants, but you would need more light energy for fruiting plants like tomatoes and peppers if you want an abundant harvest.

I found these videos today and wondered why I didn’t think of this myself. It’s an awesome way to bypass the eyesore that others can hide in some spare corner no one ever sees.

Non-circulating Decorative Hydroponics Container

Circulating Decorative Hydroponics Container

You’ll be less hemmed in by the style and size of your container with the circulating raft method. Since you fashion your net pot support from a large piece of styrofoam, the planter can be square, oval, or rectangular, as well as being wider on the opening than using the dutch bucket lid he used for the Kratky method option. The air stone, air pump and tubing is cheap to buy, whether you get it from your local hydro shop or buy it from the fish department at Wally World. It might run you $15 total on the high side. They use very little electricity too.

And if you can’t find a pot just the right shade to fit your room’s decorating scheme – paint it.

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