Amy The Lockdown Gardener

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Amy’s gardening journey began during the lockdown in 2020, evident by her profile name. The prospect of transforming her garden into a beautiful and enjoyable space had always intrigued her. With the entire family confined to their home, it seemed the perfect opportunity to embark on this endeavour.

Amy had no prior knowledge or experience in gardening or cultivating flowers. However, she delved into researching how to convert overgrown borders into vibrant, colourful displays. The process was a significant learning curve, but she loved learning about plants. Suddenly, mundane weeds along the path transformed into fascinating specimens, and the game of identifying them added an element of playfulness to her exploration of the subject.

Through the warm and knowledgeable gardening communities on Facebook, Amy found inspiration from other garden projects. Her spare time was consumed with plant research. Amy had a young baby then, so her primary focus was selecting safe and non-toxic plants. She carefully chose them to suit the specific lighting conditions in each garden area. To add some excitement, Amy ventured into growing flowers from seeds, and she was captivated by the sight of strong and tall plants sprouting from the ground. 

She soon learned the realities of ever-changing weather conditions and experienced the challenges of leggy seedlings. Despite the obstacles, her garden bloomed with vibrant Cosmos flowers and bright red Geraniums; she was hooked.

Amy The Lockdown Gardener

Every year, Amy eagerly embraced new gardening adventures. From Dahlias and Cucumbers to Begonias, each offered valuable lessons in cultivation. Through it all, Amy’s focus on gardening positively impacted her mental well-being. She had previously struggled with depression and anxiety, exacerbated by the lockdown. But her focus on creating beautiful, nurturing spaces filled with flowers and pollinators brings her immense joy.

Amy grows organically, avoiding pesticides or fungicides and working harmoniously with nature. Killing slugs and snails is not an option; instead, she prioritises growing plants resistant to these creatures and relocates them when necessary. 

Amy’s gardening journey has been a transformative and fulfilling experience. It has beautified her surroundings and brought her a renewed sense of purpose. She’s met dozens of other plant heads and runs an Instagram channel which has grown into a fantastic compendium of flower care, propagation tips, making choices, plant placing and whatever else you want to know about flowers. Each year, she continues to expand her knowledge, explore new plants, and create spaces that thrive with nature’s abundance. 

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