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The Aquaponics Lab is a group of small scale producers and backyard farmers developing and adapting simple technology to make their growing less time consuming and more productive. Proudly supporting open-source technologies and the user’s “Right to Repair”, they use and test their own farms’ technologies.

With a background in high-tech aquaponic and hydroponic solutions, the group now covers more general farming aspects such as seeding technologies. One of their members, Mike Ratcliffe of Nuffield Farming researched technology use on farms worldwide, and it became clear that many low-tech solutions were being overlooked. More straightforward tools could make a considerable impact.

Their farming “tools” are fabricated using 3D printing, CNC, laser cutting alongside open software and hardware that each grower can customise to fulfil their needs. The organisation uses the income from their commercial activities to fund further developments in open-source farming technologies that impact the triple bottom line of sustainability. All the designs incorporate materials and components available worldwide, to ensure they are affordable, replicable and serviceable at most locations.

Their website offers in-depth resources and infographics for urban farmers interested in aquaponics.

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