Aweside Farm

Polegate, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Sinead and Adam began growing on a tiny allotment in London before upping their game on a 4.5-acre plot in the countryside. When they arrived at Aweside Farm, the property was in desperate need of rejuvenation after having been stripped of nutrients and living soil by three decades of conventional agriculture.

The couple has since dedicated themselves to bringing new life to Aweside. While definite proponents of sustainable living, Sinead and Adam say it isn’t enough to help the planet and focus instead on fixing what’s broken through regenerative farming practises. With wildlife, trees, and healthy soil now in abundance, the organic farm grows beautiful edible flowers, cut flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

Whether wanting to add spicy nasturtium leaves to salads or looking for gorgeous pops of colour in the form of cornflowers, calendula, and more, customers can shop Aweside’s products directly on their website. A variety of tasty and nutritious recipes made with Aweside Farm’s eco-friendly products are also available.

Celebrating nature’s diversity.

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