Fairyland Cottage

Co., Wicklow, Ireland

The garden at Fairyland Cottage looks precisely how the name sounds – a fantastic green idyll with a distinct air of perhaps having actual fairies living there. The most striking feeling in every video Niamh (the cottage’s very human owner) shares on her channels is a sense of profound peace and joy. The garden is abundant with healthy plants, often used in herbal teas or transformed into colourful, simple and yet mouthwatering dishes with inspiring recipes available to follow.

Self-seeded flowers and natural paths live in harmony with tidy herb beds and vegetable patches. Nature’s complete catalogue is represented here, with many plants and seeds coming from friends’ gardens. The buzzing of bees and fluttering of butterflies came after years of hard work reversing the effects of chemical sprays previously used on the land. Organic techniques and local ingredients like seaweed and cow manure from a nearby sanctuary have replaced conventional practices. What resonates from the beautiful Fairland Cottage videos is that simple things in life bring us the most joy and to value quality over quantity.

Niamh focuses on the importance of rituals, such as a slow picnic in the garden or an evening skin-clearing routine, making us assess where our priorities lie and how much time we give to the activities we choose. With no expectation or judgment as to how it turns out, trying new things is an approach that builds confidence and injects fun into even the easiest of tasks.

Fairyland Cottage offers space for creativity, reflection, waste reduction, cultivation of healthy habits, and most importantly, slowing down and noticing what’s around us.

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