Three Treasures Living

Whitestone, Exeter, United Kingdom

Three Treasures Living, established in 2012, results from more than 30 years of practice and research into an agricultural approach that supports people, land and ethical values. David and Laurie favour a healthy, integrated lifestyle over intense food production. Their system promotes simplicity, low technology and resilience. Instead of using complex electronic devices, they depend on their senses to maintain equilibrium and homeostasis and incorporate the principles of bio-dynamic farming, such as planting by moon cycles.

The two main polytunnels use a combination of organic hydroponics and aquaponics. The goldfish are kept in IBC tanks and are used solely for their waste product with no extra heating required. The systems used are unique. They work on a slope and use gravity to feed nutrient-rich water through a cascading system of 12 off-the-ground bays, thereby eliminating the need for additional aeration. Floating rafts are used to grow lettuces, basil, perilla and a variety of delicate herbs. The Deep Water Culture buckets grow fruiting plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers and super-hot chillies.

David and Laurie understand the importance of balance, harmony, and flow in everyday life, especially aquaponics. It’s all about the balance of nutrients and the balance of fish to plants, which grow healthy and vigorously with very few pests encountered. The production and use of their JADAM soaps are perfect for whitefly and greenfly, and birds, including wrens, robins and goldfinches, regularly frequent their tunnels to enjoy any larger insects present.

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Vegetable grower, natural beekeeper and edible spaces designer. Lover of all soil and urban farming techniques. Former head of growing at Incredible Aquagarden.