Little Fields Farm

Bright, Ontario , Canada

Nothing is more satisfying than enjoying food grown or raised with love and care, and Little Fields Farm provides precisely that. Using regenerative techniques, the small-scale, low-carbon farm grows vegetables, cut flowers, pasture-raised chicken, turkey, pork, and eggs. Farmers Claire and Adam are passionate about sustainable agriculture and empowering local communities with knowledge about working with nature to produce nutritious food. Claire founded Little Fields Farm in 2015 after interning on organic farms across Canada. A first-generation farmer, her love for real food drew her to the art of growing. Adam’s grandparents were farmers, and he was inspired by them to carry the torch toward community-based agriculture. He spent 11 years co-managing the Working Center Market Garden, a non-profit urban farm in Kitchener, ON. With Bowie, the dog (the farm’s welcoming committee and critter control), and beautiful Phoebe, the couple’s one-year-old daughter, Claire and Adam work hard in the fields to benefit their neighbors.

harvesting on Little Fields Farm

Little Fields Farm is in Bright, Ontario, on the traditional lands of the Haudenosaunee, Anishinabek, and Attawandaron peoples. The farm’s produce, meat, flowers, and eggs are available via a CSA farm share program and the online store, with pickups at the farm and several locations in nearby communities. More than 50 different seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs grow on the farm; some are kitchen staples, and others are unique crops people may never have tried. Members can also sign up for a share of fresh-cut flowers, which, like the food crops, are grown following sustainable and low-till farming practices that feed the soil and nurture biodiversity. Pasture-raised chicken, pork, turkey, and nutrient-dense eggs are available from the farm; the animals live their best lives in the fields, foraging for greens and bugs and eating organic and non-GMO grain. Their stress-free, natural environment results in delicious-tasting meat and eggs. 

Chickens help with the farm chores

The summertime CSA runs from the end of June through the end of October. A shorter CSA is also available to those who want to eat locally throughout the Canadian winter. It begins in November and runs for 16 weeks through the end of February. By joining the Little Fields Farm CSA, people support their local farmers, Claire and Adam, and strengthen the local food economy. They’re also securing access to the freshest vegetables possible and encouraging low-carbon, regenerative farming that is good for people and the planet, which is exactly what the doctor ordered.      

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