Sawmill Herb Farm

Montague, Massachusetts, United States

Sawmill Herb Farm is a dream for lovers of flavorful meals and natural medicines. The certified organic farm cares for people and the planet, specializing in locally grown and respectfully wild-harvested culinary and medicinal plants for the community.

Susan Pincus spearheaded the farm in 2013 on unceded land of the Nipmuc and Picumtuc people, known today as the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. Susan is deeply committed to sustainable land stewardship and working with Nature to grow healing crops for people. The farm also serves as a community hub, creating educational material and resources to encourage people in their healing journeys. 

Sawmill Herb Farms' Susan pictured with flowers

The fresh herbs (flowers, stems, leaves, and roots) are available via a weekly CSA program from May through October. Members can select from seasonal herbs like stinging nettle, dandelion, mullein, and plantain in early May and motherwort, yarrow, and red cover at the beginning of June. Calendula and elderflowers, St. John’s wort, and prickly lettuce are available throughout the summer, and goldenrod, anise hyssop, and blue vervain go into baskets at the end of August. Members can reap the benefits of herbs like horsetail, lemongrass, marshmallow, and burdock root in the fall. 

produce offered by Sawmill Farms

Everything in the boxes can be enjoyed alone or combined for an immune-boosting treat. The farm sends out a newsletter before every share with information about the herbs and recipes to help people make the most of their deliveries, whether a salve, tincture, oil, vinegar, or homemade tea. 

Beyond the CSA, tea blends, bulk-dried herbs, and small-batch health products can be purchased online year-round. While many operations use machines and mills to grind their herbs, Sawmill Herb Farm processes everything by hand to ensure the best quality and potency. In the spring, the farm’s greenhouse is filled with organic vegetable, flower, and herb seedlings for gardeners wanting to plant pharmacy or kitchen gardens at home. 

Sawmill Herb Farm offers several educational opportunities to those interested in further exploring their love affair with medicinal and culinary herbs. The talks, walks, medicine foraging, crafting, and movement workshops are aimed at boosting community awareness of various approaches to holistic health while helping them connect to Mother Nature and become more self-reliant, saving money by making their own food and medicine at home.

After a season with Sawmill Herb Farm, your apothecary will burst with goodness to keep you healthy and satisfied. 

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