Ojai Roots

Ojai, California, USA

Ojai Roots farm understands that soil fertility is the secret to high yields and incredible-tasting, nutritious food. Farmer Evan has a holistic approach to growing and focuses first on respecting and building healthy soil. The no-till technique keeps precious microbes below the ground intact.

Cover crops and a dense planting regime help minimize water consumption, control weeds, and create biodiversity on the farm. Compost heaps play an integral role and replace plant fertilizers; grass clippings, leaves, wood chips, and animal manure make a fertile habitat, and the result is a difference you can taste. The mixed vegetables, avocados, citrus, salad greens, and various exotic fruits that grow in the market garden are plentiful, nutrient-dense, and delicious. Garden space is maximized thanks to the use of trellises and different vertical growing techniques.

A recent graduate of UCLA with a specialization in environmental law, Evan advocates for policy changes that support soil health, regenerative agriculture, and small-scale farming. He is active in the growing movement of regenerative farmers producing healthy food while fixing the damage caused to our soil and the environment. 

Reconnecting people with food.

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