Gaia’s Ganja Garden

Eugene, Oregon, USA

In a rapidly expanding industry, Gaia’s Ganja Garden leads by example. The organic cannabis farm consists of a small team of passionate growers who have nothing but respect for the plant and the environment. Bringing the outdoors in, Gaia’s Ganja Garden employs permaculture, biodynamic, and DEM Pure principles.

While indoor growing certainly poses some challenges to these all-natural growing methods, Gaia uses the most efficient lighting on the market and grows its cannabis crops in permanent no-till beds containing a whole lot of soil life. Only biological feed such as compost or worm tea is offered to the plants. A healthy environment helps keep pests and diseases at a minimum, and closed-loop systems applied via regenerative practices mean the operation is highly energy efficient. Water from the dehumidifiers is recycled, and only a small AC unit runs in the dry and cure room. There’s no HVAC to speak of in the grow and bloom rooms either!

The boutique micro-tier model allows the team to give every plant the TLC it deserves, and resinous flowers are the result. Strains grown in the garden include Funk Dawg Fuel, Golden Aloha, Mint Diesel, Papaya Punch, Dough Boi, and more. As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, Gaia’s Ganja Garden is committed to educating consumers and growers about the benefits of organic and regenerative growing methods.

Plants are medicine.

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