Parcevall Hall Gardens

Appletreewick, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

This garden has a story many of us would dream of being part of. In 1927, Sir William Milner began a rebuilding and restoration project of the derelict 16th-century shell of the Parcevall Hall, which took years to complete and then became his home for three decades. The Hall’s gardens are arranged in the shape of a cross and encompass various terraces with different planting styles, from big, bold perennial borders to tranquil and delicate ponds and hidden garden rooms. Above the Hall is a woodland leading to a state-of-the-art rock garden, further to a wet garden with many ferns and shade-loving plants. The garden soil types vary; there’s alkaline at the top, limestone rock below, and acidic soil at the foot of the hill. The variety allows for many species of Rhododendron to thrive and other types of plants that coexist in peace. For those interested in the edible side of horticulture, there is an old orchard with an impressive collection of apple varieties. The gardens are managed by Head Gardener Phil and his assistant Nick. In 2022, Parcevall Hall Gardens came a very close second in the public vote for the Historic Houses ‘Garden of the Year Award 2022’. The gardens re-open to visitors on April 1st.

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