POP! Microgreens

Montpelier, Vermont, United States

Dylan Woodrow has been obsessed with plants, nature, and holistic living since he was a child. As a grown man, he wanted to know what he was putting into his body; understanding that much of the food we buy and eat today is nutritionally empty, gardening was a natural step. He believes the solution to many of our food issues is local sourcing, and that’s how POP! Microgreens came about. At 27, Dylan proudly grows fresh, nutritious microgreens for the community in Montpelier, VT.

Microgreens were an obvious choice for him to grow, as they contain up to 40 times more nutrition than their full-grown counterparts. Dylan offers a microgreen to please every palette from Red Russian kale, broccoli greens, and arugula to Swiss chard, popcorn shoots, black oil sunflower, and more. POP! Microgreens can be ordered online and are delivered every Tuesday within his local area. You can also find them at the Montpelier Farmer’s Market and about a dozen central Vermont restaurants. Dylan says healthy food builds healthy people and communities, and he wants to help make that happen.

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