Wronski Family Farm

Appleton, New York, United States

The Wronski family has been farming in Appleton, NY, for one hundred years; Lenny and Trudy Wronski, their daughter, Jenna, and son, Dylan, are currently at the helm carrying on the family legacy. They say they love what they do. Jenna grew up helping her dad on the farm and always had a passion for it, but when the two of them became vegan, they realized how essential vegetable farmers are to our food supply and that chemical-free growing is a must. So they’ve been growing organically for the last five years, firmly believing that all you need to produce nutritious food is sunshine, healthy soil, clean water, and hard work. They offer a wide variety of fresh vegetables to their friends, family, foodies, and restaurants in the Western New York area, including peppers, lettuce greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, onions, green beans, summer and winter squash, and more. They also grow Timothy hay, and this year will be experimenting with cut flowers and medicinal and culinary herbs. The Wronski family is working on getting the high tunnel up and planting earlier than usual this spring, meaning fresh produce a lot sooner for the Appleton community! Customers can drop by the self-serve roadside stand (1951 Hosmer Road) from July to November, but the farm also takes orders for pickup at a scheduled time. Nobody ever said farming was easy, but the Wronski family wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s in their blood!

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