Yes Farm

Seattle, Washington, United States

Yes Farm is a 1.5-acre plot on the side of the I-5 in Seattle, WA, where gardeners of all ages and skill levels come together to grow nutritious produce for themselves and the community. The Black Farmers Collective operates the urban farm, an organization striving to create a black-led food system. By educating, supporting, and encouraging people of color to get into growing food, they can reclaim and share their gardening know-how, becoming self-reliant and physically and mentally healthy. Volunteers and community members have built raised beds, a polytunnel, and, most recently, terrace gardens, the traditional agricultural practice of using hillsides for growing to maximize space, retain water, and reduce erosion. Yes farm follows organic growing methods to help regenerate the soil and build a healthy ecosystem that nourishes the plants and the people. Corn, squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, and chard all grow beautifully at Yes Farm, and the harvest is distributed amongst the community, small markets, and hunger relief organizations. With every growing experiment and gardening project, the Black Farmers Collective is helping change people’s vision of the average American farmer, which doesn’t typically include people of color. The hope is that Seattle’s Black farming community grows alongside the food and flowers, leading to food justice, social and economic empowerment, and community healing.  

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