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Meet LeGrow Smart Garden System

An indoor meadow… amazing! That’s my first glimpse of new smart garden system LeGrow pictured above. Meadow plants thriving in the depth of winter, or that downtown apartment? Here’s a modular indoor garden designed to let you do that and more.

LeGrow isn’t a hydroponic system, and while you can grow lettuces and herbs in it, the makers show it growing ornamental plants. Nothing wrong with that. Flowers and greenery are food for the spirit, mentally healing in ways that boost social and physical health.

A smart garden need not be high-tech and app-controllable. Homes and workplaces seal out the humidity and moisture most plants need to thrive. The LeGrow system was designed to make indoor living more hospitable to them, and growing indoors easier for you. It allows more people to enjoy and benefit from gardening. That’s smart!

Instead of having a bunch of disconnected, messy pots with ugly drainage saucers, Haobin’s LeGrow disguises the drainage tray that the pot snaps into. The pots are innovative, being designed to allow good drainage, but reducing the growth media leaking out.
You can fashion raised planters by stacking pots with a connector unit, which doubles as a grow light stand. A LED plant light with sensational aesthetics too. And if you need more light power, just stack those – in single or directions.

LeGrow is simple, yet elegant – making the plants the star of the scene. But here’s the really smart part, the thing that truly sets this system apart:

Haobin designed a built-in humidifier for the plants. Not only is that a smart garden feature, it’s one of the best innovations I’ve seen in the parade of compact indoor garden systems over the past 5 years. This alone makes me want to own a LeGrow system. No more spider mites! And the water in the drainage tray will wick back up into your plants’ root zones… less watering without parched plants.

Start with a few modules, and add on to your plant collection or growing obsession increases. It’s as wonderful in small clusters as it is covering a large table. There’s also what looks like a really cool glowing accent stripe. But it’s actually a 4-port USB quick charge module that also can power the gardens grow light and humidifier, and your phone and laptop simultaneously.

Where do you get a LeGrow Smart Garden?

The awesome looking new system is currently in the middle of their Kickstarter campaign. But with 15 days to go, Winmart Design is getting close to hitting the 200% funded mark. So, it’s safe to say they’ll have the money to launch the product. Learn more and grab an early bird special on their Kickstarter page. You can also connect with them on their website and Facebook page.

Images courtesy of Winmart Design.

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