Meet Seedo: A Fully Automated Grow Box

Size isn’t everything, and so it is with this new hydroponic and fully automated grow box. For most,  Seedo’s appeal will come from it’s sleekly designed cabinet, remote app control, and monitoring, and getting a harvest simply by having one. Just plug it in, add some water and seed, and voila… any crop is perfectly grown for you. But there’s more to it than that.

Seedo offers the indoor gardener a totally closed environment. The maker, Seedolabs, promotes this feature as ‘hermetic’ like the jars that protect the contents from whatever fate awaits it if exposed to external conditions. This is known as a sealed or closed loop room in the indoor growing world and gives you all kinds of advantages and power over the things one cannot control in a traditional grow room or grow box.

automated grow boxWhat kind of power? If you read Ultimate Control on page 38 of the latest summer edition of Garden Culture Magazine you’ll learn all about how a totally sealed garden protects plants from seasonal temperature and humidity extremes. An automated grow box or grow room that exchanges air with the natural world and lacks heavy insulation is prone to problems.

While the Seedo is very high-tech, this automated grow box was never intended for production growing. It’s plug and play nature is fine-tuned for an easy growing experience free of common issues like heat-stressed plants and destructive pests and diseases. Just select the preset crop recipe, and the system modulates everything to fit that plant’s preferred diet and environment.

The Seedo automated grow box is power conservative, using only 0.26 KWh of electricity per month. It will hold up to 5 plants (though for effortless growing you want only one) and create optimum growing conditions with built-in water and carbon air filters, air conditioning, nutrient, and CO2 dosing systems. It’s WiFi connected and app-controlled, and equipped with patent-pending full spectrum LED grow lighting, and sensors that control EC, pH, and CO2 levels, main and secondary tank levels, water and air temps, humidity, and the unit’s fan and door status.

Other possible uses that are interesting and beneficial is starting new plants with tissue culture and rooted cuttings (a.k.a. clones). The first propagation method demands a sterile environment and total temperature control. The second demands high humidity and consistent temperatures.

With a footprint of 2 ft2, the 40″ high automated grow box will fit into even a small, congested home, but it only has one plant site. A salad and culinary herb garden, Seedo it is not, but if that’s where your indoor gardening interests lie, something more like the GrowChef is a more appropriate choice.

Seedolabs’ website lists a wide array of plants that will do well in its hydroponic garden. Some make sense, some don’t – like celery, green onions, and ornamental flowering plants. It’s a fantastic system for growing patio tomatoes and chilies but isn’t practical at this price point. A compact and automated grow box with this level of growing control meets the needs of only one type of indoor gardener… it’s perfect for providing you a personal supply of cannabis.

And for the recreational or medical marijuana grower the built-in harvest dryer is like icing on the cake. They’ve just opened the pre-ordering for Batch 2 with shipping set for spring 2018. Currently, the price paid varies by your down payment amount. Full retail, however, is $2400 and it’s available worldwide.

Learn more: visit SeedoLab’s website.

Images courtesy of SeedoLabs.

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