Issue 35: USA & Canada

Indoor Growing

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Pest Prevention: The Itsy Bitsy Spider Mite

Pests are a fact of life in the garden, but there are ways to keep them out! Rich Hamilton guides us on how to prevent and treat a spider mite infestation.

Going with the Flow: An Interview with Hydroponics Guru William Texier

There may not be anyone more passionate about hydroponics than William Texier. Get to know the industry veteran better in this interview by Catherine Sherriffs.

Making The Switch From HID To LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights have come a long way, and so have the growers using them! Alex Fraser offers some tips for switching from HID lights to LEDs in the grow room.

Après La Pluie

Bedford, Quebec, Canada

When Canada legalized the recreational use of cannabis in 2018, Après La Pluie saw an opportunity. Passionate about the plant, the farm wants to share everything it offers by growing organic artisanal cannabis.

Polyface Farm

Swoope, Virginia, USA

Three generations of the Salatin family have tirelessly planted trees, built compost piles, dug ponds, and moved cows daily with portable electric fencing.

Woven Roots Farm

Tyringham, MA, USA

Healthy soil leads to healthy people; for 20 years, Woven Roots Farm has been nurturing both by respecting the earth and the microorganisms that live in it.

Rise and Root Farm

New York, New York, USA

What happens when a group of four women comes together to grow food? Magical things. Rise & Root Farm is committed to connecting the rural and urban communities in the Big Apple through gardening and farming.

How To Avoid Rookie Mistakes In The Grow Room

Left the faucet running all night? Got pest problems or fluctuating temperatures? Martyna Krol guides us on how to avoid common issues in the grow room.

A Brief Overview of the History Of Hydroponics

Some say it’s a new way to grow, but hydroponics has been around since ancient times! In this timeline, Jesse Singer gives a brief look at the method’s history.

Repurposing Empty Skyscrapers Into Urban Farms

Skyscrapers are empty; COVID-19 has the occupancy rate in city office towers at an all-time low. Albert Mondor explores transforming them into urban farms.

The Medicinal Benefits Of Wild Raspberries

Caroline Rivard is back with another installment in her medicinal weeds series. This time, she looks at the many benefits associated with wild raspberries.

Helping Farmers Make an Essential Transition

Conventional farming methods are doing a lot of harm. Evan Folds explains why it’s critical governments help farmers transition to regenerative agriculture.

New Holiday Tradition: Potted Christmas Conifers

Forget cutting down a Christmas tree or putting up a fake. We’ve got a new holiday tradition for you: eco-friendly potted conifers! Cosmic Knot explains.

Got Old Seeds? Help Them Sprout With These Tips And Tricks

Don’t give up on old seeds you have lying around the house. It’s possible to revive them! Cody J. Garrett-Tait has some tips on helping forgotten seeds sprout.